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Bondage Life Stories

We all like to see naked women in bondage (or, if you are not into bondage pornography scroll up a bit and use the links above for other types of free pornography). But did you know that some women like to end up naked in bondage? Some women enjoy bondage games where they are tied up, or chained up by men and fucked in bondage. Some even enjoy being tortured in bondage or a bit of public humiliation! A few just fantasise about this and masturbate. But some women really live the life. They let men tie them up, chain them up, whip them, beat them, cane them, spank them, even torture them. Having bean beaten and tortured in bondage they are then fucked in bondage. Some even go for public humiliation and then a gang bang in bondage.

But be aware that only a few women enjoy bondage and/or torture, most don't like it. So DON'T assume otherwise.

On this site you will find true bondage stories about women who do like bondage, do enjoy being tortured, do enjoy public humiliation, and do enjoy being fucked in bondage. You can read about their genuine bondage lifestyle here.

And I am going to add a new true bondage story every single day (except when ill or on holiday) so please bookmark this page, because you will want to keep coming back for more free bondage pornography.

The first time the four 'users' met their two new 'victims' was, as is traditional (and safest) 'on neutral territory'. They chose a bar local to where Karren lived, as she lived roughly half way between the town where the men lived, and where Jane lived. They told the women their plans for the club, with which the women agreed. The men had decided to spend an hour or two after that chatting on non sexual subjects before getting to arranging the next (and first proper) meeting, i.e. the one where stuff happened. The idea was that this would convince the women that they were not perverts. (Good luck fellows, you are meeting with two women with a view to reenacting the sexual excesses of The Hellfire Club, and you want to convince them that you are 'nice, safe, normal guys'!). However neither woman was interested in this, in fact they were both hoping that the men were perverts. So instead they began to discuss their first meeting.

They had let Karen choose the bar because she was centrally located to them. She also suggested that they used her flat for their first meeting. They accepted her offer and the men were just about to discuss what they wanted to do when Jane stopped them and told them it would be better if they did not know, and the men just did it. Karen agreed.

Bryan pointed out that the men had to know the women's limits, so they knew how far they could go, and did not overstep the line. Jane replied "Just don't kill me", and Karen added "Or cripple us". When pushed the women simply said "We are supposed to be your captives, do whatever you want to us". Allan asked if they minded pain, they said "no" so Allan asked how much they could take. Karren said "If you tie me up I cannot escape, so I have no choice but to take as much as you inflict" Jane added "Bondage is good, if I'm bound and gagged you can do whatever you want to me. I cannot escape, I cannot complain. Tie me up and do whatever you like to me." Bryan was appalled and pointed out that the women had only just met them, how could they trust them that much. Karren replied "We can't, we don't. Not being able to trust you is part of the fun. I really will be helpless and in your power. That is a big part of the turn on". Jane agreed, so they left it at that......

This is the start of a true story that started in the 1980s and is still going on today. Click Here and read the whole the book now.

They dragged me into the room on Friday night, I had been naughty, and was to be punished, and it would be a cruel punishment.

First they made me strip naked, and stood there looking at my naked body, to humiliate me as part of my punishment. Then two ropes were produced, and one tied to each of my ankles, bondage would also form part of the punishment.

The ropes were run through two rings in the floor, at opposite sides of the room, and the ends given to me. They told me to pull on the ropes as part of my punishment. This pulled my ankles in opposite directions, so I had to spread my legs, they were still watching, so I was punished with more humiliation. They made me keep pulling, so I had to spread my legs further and further apart, causing me some discomfort, but I could not complain, I was there to be punished. Eventually my legs were spread wide enough, and they tied the ropes together. They were going to start punishing me with pain next.........

This is an extract from one of the stories in the book "Bondage, Punishments & Suffering - The Torments Of Annie", a selection of real bondage fantasies that Annie has actually acted out, suffering every torture in the story herself, then she tells you all about what she suffered. Click Here to go to the distributor's site and to buy the book NOW.

Hema was visiting the big house in the winter. There was heavy snow so no one could do anything and they were bored. So for entertainment they made Hema strip down to her bra and knickers, and told her to put her leather boots on. Then they dragged her out into the snow and forced her to walk around in the cold in just her underwear.

They were all fully dressed and laughed as she shivered and suffered in the cold.

She begged them to let her go back in and get warm. They told her she could only go inside if they let them warm her up by fucking her. Eventually she got so cold that she agreed, so they dragged her inside and gang banged her.

The first person who fucked her said that she was so cold it was like fucking a dead person.

When they had all fucked her at least once they .......

This is an extract from one of the 26 stories in the book "Women Slaves At De Sade Hall". To download and read this book in it's entirety Click Here

She complained. They ignored her complaint. So she complained some more. Eventually the warden got fed up of her complaints and ordered three days in 'the cell' as a punishment. This simply meant she was confined to her cell for three days with no food. But she also had to suffer some bondage. They chained her up, standing, with her hands above her head so she could not even move, or sleep, during those three days.

After her punishment Lucy continued her sentence in her 'new prison uniform'. The guards enjoyed seeing all that naked teenage flesh every day, but then that was obviously the reason for making her wear it. The male prisoners also enjoyed their new scenery, and openly gawked at her.

The male prisoners were not allowed to touch her, but that did not stop them thinking of her when they masturbated in their cells. And some of them took great delight in telling her how she featured in their sexual fantasies.

She realised that she would have to put up with the guards gawking at her, but she thought this was too much, so she complained about the prisoners.

Again she was punished. Three days in her cell. This time her bondage was different. They chained her up kneeling down near the bars of the cell. To her horror they also let the male prisoners come and look at her. And they actually let the prisoners masturbate while she was chained. She was close enough to the bars for them to squirt their semen on her naked tummy.

After that punishment she decided to never complain again.

This is a shocking and true story that tells you everything that happened to her, everything the guards did to Lucy while she was their helpless prisoner.

You are going to really enjoy reading this eBook. Remember: Lucy told the author EVERYTHING that happened. You want to read this.

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Kate was lying by the lake in a pair of shorts and a sun top. She was drinking wine directly from the bottle and enjoying the sun.

Then a group of seven women came over to her. One of them took the bottle from her and pored the wine into her face and over her naked tummy. Angry, Kate asked them what they were doing. They replied "We had to empty the bottle for you because we want to see you fuck yourself with it."

The woman then handed the bottle back to her and told her to do it. Kate refused, so one of the women said "OK we will do it for you."

They pounced on her. Two women held down her wrists. Two more spread her legs wide and held her ankles down. This pinned her helpless lying on her back on the ground.

Then a fifth woman ripped down her shorts and knickers so that her pussy was naked. They were not alone around the lake, there were several other people there. And these onlookers also enjoyed the view of Kate's naked pussy.

Then one of the women grabbed the bottle and rammed it up inside Kate. She kept fucking her with it while the other women (and the onlookers) watched. This was both painful and humiliating for Kate.

When they had enough of this game, one of the women said "Roll her over, let's do her ass next." ......

This is from the book "Lesbian Bondage Slaves". The full book is available in eBook form, to download this set of lesbian bondage stories Click Here.

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Those are all the true bondage stories I have for now, but bookmark this site because I will add more true bondage stories tomorrow and the next day, and the day after next, and so on). So come back tomorrow and every day for more great stories of naked women in bondage.

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Two Teenage Girls, The Captives Of Cruel Biker Gangs
It was all their friend's fault, she wanted revenge on the girls because her boyfriend fancied them. So she led the bikers to the poor teenagers, she even told the biker gangs a good place to hold the girls captive, where they could do whatever they liked to the girls.

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Teenage Girls Abducted By Bikers
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Moving & Other Lesbian Stories

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The rest of the stories are fictionalised accounts of the true lesbian fetishes practised by some of the other lesbians they know. Here you will meet lesbians who like women with big tits, lesbians who are kinky about strap ons, lesbians into casual sex, lesbian holiday romances, etc...

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